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If you haven't previously watched a Tracker streaming video, or if you want to distribute the videos on media, you'll need to download and install the Webex player on each machine you'll be using.

  1. Click on atrecply and save the download file anywhere on your hard disk.
  2. Click START, RUN, BROWSE and navigate to atplay (you may see atplay.exe).
  3. Click atplay, OPEN, OK.

Then download and save the video files you want. The times shown refer to the length of the video, not the amount of time required to download.

  1. basics 14 min 1 sec
  2. tips and tricks 26 min 24 sec
  3. options, modules and versions 6 min 40 sec

  4. the optional barcoding module 15 min 33 sec

  5. the repair & maintenance module 11 min 46 sec
  6. advanced repair & maintenance features 14 min 47 sec

  7. the employees module 23 min 26 sec

  8. the supplies & small tools module 16 min 4 sec

  9. the basic billing module 16 min 50 sec
  10. advanced billing features 18 min 26 sec

  11. the custom reports module 20 min 29 sec

  12. pick tickets 7 min 18 sec
  13. external rentals 10 min 16 sec

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