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Tracker 7 is equipment, inventory, and tool management software. Construction companies, municipalities, utilities, the military, and oil and gas companies use it to make employees accountable and cut cost.

  • The Construction Tracker is a complete tool tracking package and the foundation for the Tracker's optional, extra-cost modules. The Construction Tracker is for mid-sized to large organizations that want to assign tools and equipment to jobs, employees, trucks or storage sites for days, weeks, or months at a time.
  • The Tool Crib Tracker, which combines the Construction Tracker and Employees module, is for organizations that assign tools and equipment to employees in the morning and expect their return to a tool crib in the afternoon.
  • The Maintenance Tracker, which consists of the Construction Tracker and Repair and Maintenance module, is for heavy equipment operators and vehicle-management groups that want to schedule equipment and vehicle maintenance and track repair costs.
  • Tracker Lite, a free, stripped down-version of the Construction Tracker, is ideal for smaller organizations that need to track 195 or fewer items.

Optional modules

These optional, extra-cost modules can be added to the Construction, Tool Crib, or Maintenance Tracker at any time, over the phone, without re-entering data. Stationary barcoding is the only optional module available with Tracker Lite.

Employees. Automatically included with the Tool Crib Tracker. Track tools checked out to, from and by employees. Customization and security features. Dispatching.

Custom Reports. Modify the Tracker’s standard reports and add completely new reports to fit your needs.

Supplies and Small Tools. Manage less-expensive items (hand tools and inventory)in quantity. Kits, containers, and order points.

Barcoding eliminates typing, speeds up data collection and reduces errors. The Tracker’s barcode system can be tailored to your company using off-the-shelf components.

Billing. Tool management software that turns your tool room into a profit center. Automatically processes tool and equipment sale and rental rates as items are checked out, including job discounts and rental caps. Export billing data to your job cost system with the Tracker’s American Contractor, ComputerEase or Timberline link.

Repair and Maintenance. Automatically included with the Maintenance Tracker. Track repair histories and costs, produce preventive maintenance schedules, pop up reminders when maintenance is due.

Multi-user. Allows more than one person use the Tracker at the same time over a network. The single-user Tracker can be installed on a network and accessed by more than one person, but only one at a time.

Integrates with accounting software

Add high-speed inventory and tool management software (optionally, with barcoding) to your accounting software.

American Contractor, ComputerEase and Timberline integration are included with the Construction, Tool Crib and Maintenance Trackers at no additional charge. The Tracker can be custom-integrated with other accounting systems.

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