tool tracking software If you're tracking tools and equipment on paper or in a spreadsheet (or not at all), you owe it to yourself to invest 30 minutes, learning how fast and easy tool and equipment tracking can be.
tool tracking software

Here's what Mike Horne, Fleet and Safety Services Administrator for the City of Greenville has to say.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE BEST ABOUT THE TRACKER? Its simplicity. Everything is built around one database, when you understand the inventory module, the other modules are a piece-of-cake.

HOW DO YOUR EMPLOYEES FEEL ABOUT IT? Excellent, it took very little training for them to become proficient using the system.

DO YOUR EMPLOYEES TREAT TOOLS BETTER OR RETURN THEM MORE PROMPTLY? Yes, especially after we installed the employee module and issued "credit cards" to be used when they are drawing tools and supplies.

HOW EASY IS THE SYSTEM TO USE? Very simple, it takes only minutes to train an alternate to perform the basic tasks using the bar code reader.

HAS IT HELPED YOU SAVE MONEY? Yes, we are better able to track issues and purchase in bulk or just-in-time.

HOW? The basic operation of issuing supply items and issuing/returning equipment using the bar code reader has made a significant improvement in the time spent by the crews at the Supply Yard.

DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH? No, other than the obvious and the comments from the crew supervisors. Our savings will be realized in the preparation of next years budget. We can now print reports that show our actual usage and job cost.


If you're thinking about tool and equipment tracking, our startup guide addresses a number of practical issues and questions.

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